Shihan Timothy L Raynor born March 15, 1950

Shihan Tim Raynor, once called me and begged me to help him. He lived in Rockford, ILL.; I agreed to help him. Biggest mistake of my life.
Since, Tim and I were martial artists and worked out with our Sensei Albert C. Church; I didn’t think that Tim would “scam” me out of my hard earned money.

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  1. uwss says:

    Wow! What a scumbag , Shihan Raynor turned out to be.

    • Loki says:

      This is what happens when a girl with multiple personality disorder, since reclassified as dissociative identity disorder, uses a bit of her creativity for all the wrong reasons, that cross over from surviving life, to commercial frauds, personal frauds, identity theft, intellectual property crimes, etc. And then marries an actor with signs of brain damage and his own checkered history.

      This list is intended to associate some of the various identities and scattered pieces she uses to confuse and trick casual observers. Comments are based on observed situations and acts with known witnesses, or official documents.

      At the least, Ms. Kimball, who uses dob’s including June 6, 1966 (and others, including the 5th or other dates, less often months, and 1965, etc), has used these various names that include variants of her adoptive legal name and communion name, made up and stolen names, and others as part of delusions, or professional roles (that her illness often scrambles). The medical issues may deserve a certain level of privacy be respected. The civil and criminal frauds do not, especially for someone postured as a public figure by choice.

      Tracey Anne Kimball
      Tracey A. Kimball
      Tracey Kimball
      Tracey Lynn Kimball
      Tracey L. Kimball
      Tracee Kimball
      Traci Kimball
      Traceeanne Kimball
      Traceanna Elizabeth Kimball
      Traceyanne Elizabeth Kimball
      Tra’ceanne Kimball

      Marah Kelly
      Olden Bohemia
      Saengerin Nana Hoshiko

      Chelsea Lee Bond
      Chelsea L. Bond
      Chelsea Bond

      (note that there is apparently an entirely different actress using that last name, who did in fact appear in some Star Trek episodes Tracey lied about)

      and many more

      ^^^^ That picture looks hacked with parts of it really her.

      ^^^ Amazing, most pictures there are really her. Note how many facial expressions show serious emotional torment, there and at the Soundcloud site (some of which goes back 30 years, some fake, some more recent, all tossed in together).

      ^^^ picture in the black dress with pearls on the beach, Tracey. The other in off-red as the Australian Psychologist role, seriously impossible.

      ^^^ Not Tracey, but someone entirely different whose identity Tracey abused.

      Hmmmmm…… Interesting:

      ^^^ She does enjoy singing, but has very small lung capacity, and difficulty sustaining any vocal levels, and so has difficulty performing in most stage environments (and even studio ones).

      This one is interesting. The pictures are actually her, though highly modified, while the facts….

      She never opened for the Isleys, though I’d contracted tech services for a promotion featuring them a decade before I knew Tracey existed, and they weren’t touring during the Olden Bohemia short attempt at a band. That band was long gone before she ever met Cafferty, who she first met when they were playing Toads Place in New Haven. “Tunes”, the old black lech of a sax player, hit on her, and tried to pitch heading down for their Jersey gig the next night.

      That list of info has nuggets of truth just like she did meet Cafferty and “Tunes”, introduced after a gig, but never performed with them (unless you call being given a tamborine while on the floor, off stage but up front, at a nightclub near Yale, “performing”. Bolton I also doubt, but can’t be more than 99.5% sure. Age 28 at the time stated for that scattering of loosely fact related but not entirely factual experiences? No way. Size 36 bust, not quite. 108 pounds at least part of age 28, in the 1990’s, true, but probably cycled a 30 pound range around that (mostly up, and she’s small framed and small tits and doesn’t carry it well – might have been born a “premie” based on lung capacity and other cues, but birth mother and conditions unknown – making ancestry details at best wild guesses, other than skin and hair Irish redhead traits).

      She did lose a fair amount of personal documents, but not in a fire. She ran out and abandoned stuff with various landlords and friends, who had to clean up after her (including car piss loaded furniture and wood floors). Time, after time, after time. And then lie with cover stories. She’d sometimes doze off and then pop up rapidly, screaming, like some war criminal typical of our military having vivid, painful flashbacks, but with no identified root cause she either knew, or would admit.

      ^^^ That current picture is actually Tracey. It looks like she moved up the dates she was actually in college (by about 10 years) or broadcast school, to make it look like there wasn’t a huge gap between being laid off by a seasonal producer of beach and ski reports for various radio stations (early 1990’s), and surfacing in Orlando suburbs (around the time range shown). Also, an FCC postcard “Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit” isn’t a license, and she’s far from technically proficient, with weak math and no electronics knowledge. Any potential employer fact checking a resume that matches that public profile would find fraud, but only minor forms there compared to some common business lies.
      ^^^ promoted in one of the movie YouTube clips, doesn’t exist.

      ^^^^^ Too many issues to detail, several previously discussed here.

      DNS points to a free host, and fake address near the Burbank airport, with an international phone.

      whois -h …

      Updated Date: 2015-06-26T02:27:28Z
      Creation Date: 2015-04-26T20:00:10Z
      Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-04-26T20:00:10Z
      Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a

      Registrant Name: Traceeanne Kimball
      Registrant Organization: Not Applicable
      Registrant Street: 7345 denny ave
      Registrant City: sun valley
      Registrant State/Province: ca
      Registrant Postal Code: 91352
      Registrant Country: US
      Registrant Phone: +81.82900386

      Name Server:
      Name Server:


      This is her adoptive father, who TTBOMK died circa 2006 (born 1924), give or take the usual info quality issues of this site:

      The Fairfield address was his working as a cop there home, and Tracey’s childhood home. He retired to Cape Cod in 1987, around or shortly after she finished college. The East Haven address was one of her roommate situations after college, where her typical games may have associated his name there, or maybe just low quality data harvesters made errors. Nadia was one of the supposed Olden Bohemia girls, where info Tracey later posted mixes real and after the fact made up content.

      Frank J. Kimball deceased 2006? born 1924
      Lianne R. (Pizzano) Kimball (wife of Frank, added to house deed in 1990; born 1937)
      Tracey A. Kimball (co-owned timeshare with father, highly mortgaged)
      Jean M Kimball (adoptive mother, deceased 1980’s)

      33 Bray Farm Rd S, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

      (HOA development with annoying rules)

      Timeshare, house, mortgage, tax liens

      (last link is official county records site; 3 index pages of records)

      2112 Palmer St, Orlando, FL 32803
      Current Address <<< maybe 15 years ago, briefly

      33 Bray Farm Rd S, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675
      Current Address <<< hardly; father's retirement home 1987-2001
      22 New St, Seymour, CT 06483
      (Dec 1996) <<< about right, half of 1st floor of old house
      Phone Numbers
      (508) 888-2603 << right exchange; they changed area code to new one

      ^^^^^ That site does better than many data harvesters with mostly accurate details. Dates have the most errors. Changed area codes compared to phones accurate at time of existence. Some typos, and scrambled fragments, eg apartment # from one of Tracey's short term rentals, mixed with father's single family home address. They only picked up on less than half of Tracey's early 90's Connecticut addresses, but the PO Box looks true (she had one in that PO around then), with all CT addresses hers other than Fairfield, with Jean as mother, during her father's work years.

      With legal land records to fact check dates and more stable parental houses, it's easier to test what other data sources are reckless or higher quality. Versus say, Tracey just lying a lot. It must have been incredibly draining to move 2-5 times a year.


      Marriage with Timothy L. Raynor since 15 February 2004



      TnT Creative Ventures
      May 2010 – Present (5 years 9 months)Greater Los Angeles Area
      TnT Creative Ventures specializes in good family entertainment starting with our first production "Star Fighters – The Praetorian Issue" – cast with many "Star Trek" – "Stargate SG-1" actors. We will be posting a "KIckstarter" promo soon to raise funding for an "extended promo" of the first 14 min of the project.


      How long after 2010 to 2015 is "soon", for posting that Kickstarter? Ooops, no 15 minute demo video after all.

      E-Mail – PERSONAL (nb: posted by him as a commercial contact)

      Mall security guard 1978-1980, with a 5 year gap after Navy discharge, but a CT town just up the river from the Groton, CT sub base. Then vague reference to supposed police work, and then,

      ^^^^ That all looks like a bad copy and paste job by someone who doesn't know how to use common business software, or is pretty reckless with it (which could well be Tracey, depending on her mental state). Above is cleaned up to not be a scribble of gibberish mixed in. Note the inclusion of "TNT Creative Ventures" as an employer, that being the fantasy company with Tracey.


      And let's do the time warp again!

      (Or, it may feel like one has, trying to make sense of such people.)

  2. Anthony says:

    Shihan Tim Raynor also scammed me out of alot of money in Wilmington NC, He and his “wife” tracey currently have 2 class C felony warrants here in NC. I hate them, They are con artist theives!!!!!

    • uwss says:

      I have been searching for him for years. When we served together in the military; he seemed OK; worked out quite a bit with Sensei Church in Charleston, S.C. ; Lost track of him after I was discharged; He called one day from Rockford, ILL needing help so I did; loaned him a truck; let him stay at my house; (free room and board) gave him a job which he later quit because it was too hard. A real pussy. Claims to have been a Navy Seal ; NOT TRUE. He was a cooks helper on board the USS Lafayette a boomer out of Charleston. I sent him several emails but he never would respond but he would respond to my secretary. HMMM! Anyway, I found out he was leaving messages and info about some movie project he was working on . I left some very nasty comments about him and he finally emailed me ; telling me he would pay me back once this deal was done and he started shooting it. More excuses, I finally tracked him down with the help of a private investigator and had him served with legal papers.

      He is a good martial artist.

      • Anthony says:

        You didnt have him served with papers in Wilmington NC!, He stole money from me in Wilmington and hes gone. He also told me he was a navy seal hahaha, im still lokking for him.

      • uwss says:

        He was served, the papers were delivered to the court. 214-274-0063 cell

  3. Anthony says:

    People who know him, say hes in Cali

  4. uwss says:

    Anthony you never called; His wife has family in California. He is on the run and will continue to run; I see his movie deal or whatever never aired so he probably conned someone out of money; did a few BS scenes and took off with the rest of the money.

    Fuck YOU, Tim Raynor.

    • uwss says:

      Tim Raynor, why am I not surprised by your vulgar comment. Can’t take the heat. You are a coward, a liar and a con artist. You hide ; why because you have the authorities looking for you. Anthony emailed me and told me you have warrants out for you. Doesn’t surprise me; Texas is looking for you, too. You will get nailed sooner or later.



  5. Saki says:

    He lives at 4844 Noble Avenue in Sherman Oaks, CA

  6. Saki says:

    You can find him at 4844 Noble Lane Sherman Oaks, CA.

  7. hes crazy says:

    I wonder if Traci knows about his first wife and how he ran out on her leaving her with all the bills and nowhere to live?

    • Loki says:

      You mean Tracey or Traci or Tracee,
      then Anne (Catholic communion add-on?) and or Lynn
      then Kimball (adoptive father; may not even know her own birth name);
      Marah Kelly
      Chelsea Bond (sometimes with initial added)
      Tracee/Tracey Lynn
      various first name spellings with either middle name run together, Kimball
      and dozens of others?

      Probably Tracey Lynn Kimball on adoptive replacement birth certificate.

      dob June 5th or 6th, (1965 or) 1966, or other made up dates not as easy to disclaim lies about based on being close to true and possible typos?

      Sounds like she and Raynor were meant for each other, and a trail of defrauded ex-landlords and business scam targets may be better off with them long gone, and not worth bothering to sue for uncollectible judgments.

      What were the North Carolina felony warrants for?

      • Anthony says:

        They stole a felonious amount of money by illegally subletting an apartment, even went as far as producing a fake landlord and documents to boot. I Got kicked out and left on the streets. After much tracking and harassment most of my money was returned via money order, but justic hasnt been served.

  8. Cropmaster2 says:

    I knew him in Rockford Illinois. He is not only a liar and a con artist but an alcoholic with no honor at all. Before I actually knew what kind of guy he really was, I was fooled. I supported him for a few weeks and I even had him babysit my 15 month old baby for 3 hours. In that time he never changed a diaper, or gave the baby a bottle, but he did manage to drink more than 75% of a very large bottle of 18 yr old Southern Comfort whiskey I had. When I got home he couldn’t even get out of his chair he was so drunk. He is everything everyone here is saying about him. He owes money and life debts all across the country. Everybody works with him once. He was a pretty decent marital artist, but a failure as a human being. Once they see the real Timothy, he runs. If he approaches you with a business deal…. look at it under a microscope and then imagine what will happen if he just walks away because that’s what will probably happen.

  9. xx says:

    I just met him at a casting – do you need to get a hold of him?

  10. uwss says:

    What is really hilarious is that he claimed to be a Navy Seal. I saw a picture he posted showing him in a Navy uniform as a first class petty officer. He was a cook and only a seaman which is E-3. He can’t even tell the truth about his military career.

  11. uwss says:

    Finally got a judgment rendered against Tim Raynor

  12. ssmith says:

    Tim scammed his first wife by funning out on her and left her with the bills.

  13. uwss says:

    ssmith I hope you can get others to post their experiences with Tim; Tim needs to own up to his misdeeds.

  14. JGing says:

    I trained “Shorinji Kempo” at Shihan Tim L Raynor’s school “The Kamishin Ryu Club” in Rockford IL during the early 1990s. When I first started, I was impressed. He was a teacher that taught something other than point fighting. We would train a couple techniques during class performing slowly, focusing on form and timing. He could be a good teacher at times. Other times, he would degrade, humiliate, bully and/or beat up students. He was very arrogant, macho, a know-it-all and he had an ego problem.
    Shihan Timothy L Raynor was very mysterious about his martial arts past. He stated that he started Kung fu at the age of 10 and moved to Shorinji Kempo during his Navy career; then learning Ninjitsu after his tour in Vietnam with the Navy Seals. I have no idea who his Kung-Fu Sifu or his Ninjitsu teacher were. I do know he learned some martial arts from the late Albert C Church; however, we weren’t encouraged to ask questions. I have no idea in what time-span he had trained. Shihan Timothy L Raynor never talked about his teachers, fellow classmates or lineages. All my teachers that I’ve studied with spoke of their teachers or lineages, even if there was a falling-out or separation. It’s all about being honest and genuine.
    Raynor seemed more focused on wanting to be a movie star or producer, and he wanted to use his students to get him there. It got to the point where all Timothy L Raynor was concerned about was his demonstration team. Yes, they would wear costumes and do choreographed weapons demos with stories, at malls, baseball games and events. He really wanted to get into movies and he thought he would get discovered this way. Martial arts class consisted of practicing weapons sets. If you weren’t part of the demo team; you were in the other room shunned, teaching beginners basics. Last I heard, he had someone invest in his movie; then he got caught sleeping with the producer/director’s wife. Yes, Timothy L Raynor has a talent of burning bridges and sabotaging any successes or friendships.

    Personality: Timothy L. Raynor is a COMPULSIVE liar, fraud and criminal! What seemed to be the truth, seemed very scripted. “I was the youngest of 4 children; I went to the red barn school; Honorably discharged from the Navy.” Timothy L Raynor is simply a con-man; fraud; manipulator and an overall bad person who cheats and screws people over. He’s clinically sick. I’m surprised he’s not in jail. I’ve never met someone who told as many lies as he. I think he actually believed his own lies.
    Such as:
    * He was teaching Shorinji Kempo, a rare art in the US. In the early 90s, this thing called “the internet” took off. Upon contact, it turns out the Shorinji Kempo headquarters had never heard of him and what he was doing was a completely different art. Timothy L Raynor was stealing the Shorinji Kempo name for credibility. Raynor reported that he was cutting ties with “The Japanese” and changed the art’s name to Kamishin Ryu Kempo.
    * His lies seemed to mimic current popular movies, e.g. Jurassic Park. He claimed he had degrees in Herpetology and Paleontology from Florida. After The Hunt for Red October came out. He told Navy Seals stories of him shooting an intruding surfaced submarine with a rocket launcher. Odd, he was so hush-hush and secretive about his martial arts past; yet, he blabbed and bragged about his classified operations and missions as a Navy Seal.
    * Shihan Timothy L Raynor claimed he was a Navy Seal. This is just sad and dishonorable. Apparently, he was in the Navy; however, I don’t know what he did and why he was discharged. We heard in depth stories of Seal training. I was young and it seemed believable. During martial arts training, he would yell “Grenade” and we were to lay down and cover our heads. He would pull out real guns and aim them at students, to teach situational awareness. I thought it was cool. I was in High school and I wanted to be “a bad ass”. His negligence could have killed or injured someone.
    * He claimed that he got ambushed by 4 men in a jungle during Vietnam. He apparently was cut in the stomach with a machete; afterwards, he killed his attackers x4. I’m sorry, a large abdominal scar will not appear pink after 20 years.
    * Martial arts credibility? Who knows? Anyone can open up a martial arts school. He claims to have also known 5-Animals Kung-fu, Shorinji-Kempo and some form of Ninjitsu. The Ninjitsu was only taught at his discretion. He advertised that you have to be selected by him to learn (why advertise it then?). He did make references to The Late Albert Church. He mentioned that after his passing there was too much fighting and politics involved in the organization for leadership. I heard that he was kicked out before Albert Church’s passing. True or not?
    * Before he left Rockford, he had offered “lifetime memberships”. Unfortunately, I knew of someone that purchased one for a couple grand. Yeah, Timothy L Raynor skipped town after payment.

    Raynor acted paranoid. He talked about Nostradamus and doomsday prepper type stuff. He was convinced the S*** would hit the fan soon. He shared a plan of moving to the Mountains in Colorado and opening a large martial arts school/temple. He would talk about group lotto purchases and have students donate spare change/bills/lotto tickets, to fulfill this vision.

    Now he’s a “Hanshi”. Yes, I saw the certificate on IMDB. LOL! What exactly did he learn, teach or contributed to the martial arts to earn this title?

    • uwss says:

      Thanks for the post! I worked out with Master Albert C. Church for several years and obtained a nidan in his dragon style art. Brown belt in samurai sword and jiu-jitsu. I was later transferred to Chicago prior to discharge and studied Hapkido. I studied under the late Sifu Joe Cowles( one of the original students of Bruce Lee). I obtained a 3 degree black sash in his style. I did work out with Tim in the dojo before class and after class and on weekends. We would also do workouts at the beach. I must say, he was a good martial artist. However, he was never a Navy Seal; he was a cooks helper on a nuclear submarine. He claims his certificates were lost in a fire. I never saw one certificate prior to him claiming they were lost in a fire and have no idea if he was telling the truth. He did manage to get “real” certificates from Mr. Church, those certificates have value. The new head of the Kamishin Ryu family promoted him even though I warned him.

      If you need to; you are more than welcome to check out my references in the martial arts. I can give you phone numbers on request with names that you can call.

      Hopefully, you can get more people to post here. I do not want to see another person victimize by Tim.

    • RYNO says:

      I studied with him in Rockford too. Once I joined the Navy he quit talking to me. Hmmmmmmm…
      I heard him make reference to Jimmy H. Woo (San Soo Grandmaster) once. Oddly enough, I also studied that. None of the old school masters or anyone for that matter has ever heard of him.
      We always took his b.s. film stuff with a grain of salt. One day he just disappeared. He could fight but I don’t believe all his ninja crap.
      Someone said hes wanted in TX? If anyone knows about that, Im a cop in Texas. Perhaps we can fix his ass considering we’ll go anywhere to arrest on our warrants.

  15. uwss says:

    Hanshi ranking is honorary vs testing. Head family Petit is the one who promoted him. I have no idea why.

    • the late john from chedders says:

      I do know about that scar on his abdomen and it was due to surgical procedure from a bad ulcer in Rockford il.

      • uwss says:

        I am interested in exposing him as a liar: any creditable info would be great!!!

      • the late john reidleburger. says:

        The ulcer was due to the aluminum pans he was using to cook his food. That is what he told US when he got back from the hospital just before his birthday.

        I know this because I was a student of his for about 5 years.

  16. uwss says:

    An individual is trying to leave comments on this site about Tim Raynor and how all these comments left about Tim Raynor are false. However,

    1. I have the print outs of his old sites claiming to be a Navy Seal; He told me he was a Navy Seal and since I know better, the fact that he would claim to be a Special Forces operator is a sin in my book. He also claimed to be a bodyguard but I never so any evidence.
    2. I did a back ground check on him in order to get him served for the money he owes;
    3. I have the email that he promised to pay me back;
    4. I have the promissory note that he signed promising to pay me back:
    5. I have a judgment against Tim Raynor; I will post that for all to see;
    6. If Tim is so damn proud of his accomplishments why does he hide ?
    7. Tim post your DD 214 from the Navy so everyone can see what you did in the Navy;
    8. UWSS stands for underwater swimmers school; For those dumbass;s who were never in the military.
    9. Do your own due diligence before you start slamming anyone on this site;

    Tim is a good martial artist and a terrible human being. Otherwise he wouldn’t have his neighbors ratting him out and contacting me; Next, he would pay his debts; Next, people would be able to find him; but then he would make excuses how someone is out to get him and he must protect his identity. The guy is a wannabe actor who had great martial art skills and lost his way.

    So, Tim pay your debt; I will post how much the judgment is and then and only then will I take this site down.

    • Loki says:

      Have you ever thought about how a site like this, that hosts a mix of first hand knowledge and references to authoritative information by people with direct knowledge of it, is necessary to meet Wikipedia and IMDB editorial standards for possible citations on the “Bond” (Kimball) and Raynor pages there?

      It also shows up in Google searches, which someone doing due diligence for possible employment or business deals with either of those parties could stumble across. Given a decades long history I can certify exists for Kimball, and apparently for Raynor as well, apparently due to criminal inclinations based on psych problems in both cases, that our so-called justice and mental health systems fail to offer viable ways to resolve, there’s a public benefit to having this kind of info online even if a single issue that may have motivated putting the site up becomes moot (but, wanna bet that’s from a statute of limitations tolling, and not a bad actor coming clean?).

      Not exactly recent, but I have copies of various documents relating to Kimball’s civil and criminal frauds and a couple of medical issues packed deep away in old archives, and am still friends with people who worked with or had (attempted) business dealings with Kimball 10-30 years ago, plus who met her adoptive parents and found them to care about her, but be cautious about keeping their distance. The style of some of the public info on Raynor’s career smells of Tracey actually fabricating it.

  17. uwss says:

    I tried to email the guy who was attempting to leave a post on this site but the email came back as “undeliverable”; so that means Tim created an email address tried to post on this site and then deleted the email after. The guy just doesn’t get it!!!

    • Loki says:

      BTW, a judge or court “renders” or issues a judgment. The Plaintiff of Creditor obtains or receives what in that case would be a default judgment. A big lie kids are taught is that courts offer legal remedies, when 85% of civil judgments actually go uncollected. There are also Federal and state limits on going after disability and several other kinds of income, and limits on collecting from low income debtors or scofflaws. There are ways to convert that to a physical arrest, but they’re often tricky and costly and not worth it. Career nutcases and con artists often do learn that, and get it far more clearly than the rest of us. .

      Bounced email doesn’t necessarily mean a bad address, as that can happen by security config conflicts with providers (for a while, Yahoo lists were bouncing Yahoo account sent posts), or intentional blacklisting. Non-bounces can go to spamtrap accounts, or to domains set to receive everything and send unconfigured usernames to nul or to an unmonitored mailbox. Some people even set up intentional bots to send fake bounce messages, for mail they read.

      Seeing all this discussion reminded me that I think I still know how to contact someone with a set of porn pictures of Tracey, that could be taken to look like a 13-15 year old, and that predate 2257 rules. They’re actually from well after she was out of college, and supposedly around the time she was having an abortion. They were done in 35 mm on a classic Nikon F, but never scanned for digital production last I knew, as they’d take some work to make her either appear of age, or clean up the razor burns and sunburn skin damage in Photoshop to target that premium fake child porn genre. Given that she’s created IMDB and Wikipedia profiles plus music and acting sites as a public figure, she’s intentionally destroyed some privacy rights non-public figures retain.

      In many ways the fact that those are even options reflect how sick our society is and how it badgers people in seriously unethical ways. At the same time, I tend to believe in petard hoisting, and those images would contrast others she’s posted claiming to be herself, but that she stole and used in a mix of commercial fraud, identity thefts, and intellectual property thefts. How fitting if some revealing shots of her surfaced, and made it clear what her uncostumed (or mild BDSM-suggestive costumes) mostly nude body really looked like during the era of some of her falsified resume or arts CV postings. That could also serve as a reminder that illegal stunts can follow one around a lot of years, even if done due to mental illness.

      Does seeing a bit of the other side of the happily (?) married couple help it make sense how she’d find a match in someone with possible brain damage (that stroke-like facial tic in videos re: the movie project) and old enough to be her daddy, with an equally checkered history?

      As to that history, contrary to EU pressures claiming an alleged “right to be forgotten”, and a certain former Grand Prix head found playing in a UK BDSM brothel where one of the Nazi uniformed (at least up top) girls lost her husband his job in a Brit spy agency when the video went viral, the internet never forgets. Brewster’s honors robots.txt (apparently this site doesn’t restrict that bot, nor Google cache), but he’s got a counterpart that’s outside US legal jurisdiction that won’t do takedowns nor honor content limits in robots parameters.

      Both Tim and Tracey come across like some drug damaged urban blacks I’ve known, as well intentioned, but with something fundamentally damaged so they’re just not able to act the part in real life for more than short bursts. Severe Borderlines (BPD) or active addicts can act far worse, however.

  18. uwss says:

    Well, wouldn’t that be something for Tim’s wife and him to be humiliated on the Internet by posting nude photos or videos of her.

    I saw that he went to Sensei Al Church reunion in Charleston, S.C. and someone is trying to sell a video of the reunion for about $60.00. I wonder who is doing this ? I can’t imagine anyone trying to profit of a martial arts reunion honoring the deceased head family.

    Tim posted his promotion certificate on Linkedin.

  19. Loki says:

    Is the video you mean the “Shihan Church Memorial Seminar”? That’s selling for $19 on Amazon now, but it looks more like the reunion angle is used to pitch video lessons and self-promotion of Raynor and 4 other teachers, than as coverage of a reunion per se.

    I’ve never been involved in Kempo (which is obviously that group’s tradition), but I have studied at least 5 Korean and Chinese martial and related meditational arts over the years. From what little I know of Kempo, it seems to be one of the more strongly temple based practices historically, which opens some huge conflicts of ethics when merged with capitalist society and empire building by organization leaders. OTOH, it takes a certain level of resources to operate, and the community support of clergy in some regions of Asia doesn’t exist here.

    Before spotting that Amazon listing, which if it were a private reunion might seem very wrong to sell that way, I was thinking about the work it takes for some events I’ve helped run. $60 isn’t necessarily even a profitable charge (all too easily a loss leader) for a low distribution event video, if it’s done as a professional project with camera and edit labor, plus an allowance for hardware overhead and consumables.

    And, sorry, no videos of spacey Tracey; just stills, and a few police and psych reports. She had a couple of blackout drunk episodes, but it’s even stranger when she couldn’t recall her own name or address to police when nominally conscious.

    I noticed you mention Tracey allegedly having family in California. She used to mention a brother (whose location and age varied randomly), but I never saw any evidence he was anything but one of her fabrications. She used to make up address books with real friends and business contacts, and then add fake identities for characters she made up and presented to others as if people she was interacting with in radio, dinner theater, or music deals that just never worked out. I’d be very suspicious that if it’s not verifiable with sources she couldn’t fabricate for others to find, she quite likely just made it up, including some rather extensive pretend serious daily life interactions.

    That’s a lot different than the severe institutionalized schizophrenics a friend ran research studies on in a state hospital. It has some of those same traits, but also an intense level of strategic fabrication of an entire cosmos where the inconvenient real parts can be adjusted by creating fictions in daily life. That might be a coping mechanism for some kind of intense past trauma, though the idea of strategic delusions fits the behavior despite being a contradiction in usual meaning of terms. It had to be deeply ingrained, as Tracey’s biggest fear seemed to be when her diagnosis was identified, and a mix of past and present friends and arts or co-workers all teamed up to limit her ability to pretend delusions were real, and suggest she shouldn’t drop out of free counseling that was arranged for her. She ran a thousand miles away instead of letting medical care destroy her world.

    • uwss says:

      The one I found was from Bushido-Kai website offering a 2 dvd set for $59.00 with a pic of Raynor on the cover. I attended a memorial seminar for Sifu Joseph Cowles in Texas and I can attest no one was attempting to profit from the seminar honoring this legend. Anyone who would try to profit from a seminar honoring a deceased master in my humble opinion is a scumbag.

      I am going to run another background check on Tim and his wife and see what I come up with;

      I am going to exert as much pressure on Tim to pay up or be shamed for all time via the Internet. You have no idea on how much work my ex-wife and I had to put in to wait on Tim while he stayed at my house with his dog. He did not offer to clean up his dog’s shit pile or do the dishes, clean up after himself, wash his clothes, etc. I finally had to tell Tim its time to go. So, he decided to go to California and again asked for money. I think this is his con: he puts pressure on his friends, treats them like dirt and then asks for money; by this time people are ready to get rid of the deadbeat and just give in to his requests for money in order to get rid of him.

      • Loki says:

        It looks like all those DVD’s are being sold on Amazon too, at the same prices, but plus shipping. There’s not a 2 disc set, but a $10 off deal buying the instructional disc and the memorial disc together. I don’t think religion or sex should be monetized either (but it appears some pretty senior Kempo people are selling those DVD’s), but at the same time, it’s overdue to protect civil rights of sex workers, and end the IRS fraud of giving special treatment to corporate business-like churches while taxing people whose religious activities are personal or non-501(c)3 corporation based.

        I spotted a few people trying to do a Star Trek site, who made an effort to clean up IMDB after noticing some of Tracey’s claims couldn’t possibly be true.

        That prompted me to organize some rather scattered facts into a Tim and Tracey summary that might make it more visible how many fragments are scattered around, and how this form of insanity works in ways most of us never imagine until seeing it. I’ll post that (slightly long) summary separately, noting the crowdsourced movie demo video seems to have failed and been shut down. It looks like Frank Kimball sold the retirement home he owned from 1987-2001 and may have died in 2006 after moving to Arizona, while some listings show Tracey as separated from Tim – which if they married in 2004, would be the first long term relationship of her life. Some of that (including parts where I know how to identify relevant or accurate details in some data sources) may help with skip tracing or for others to sort out what related info is credible or not.

        FWIW, I suspect some physically nude photos might embarrass Tim, but this site now amounts to revealing nude images of Tracey. Not her body, but the underlying issues driving her insane and sometimes illegal activities, that she’s at times acted terrified to have others notice or know. Like Tim apparently, she’s had many people try to help, family, friends, and work or business associates, but it’s simply futile with cyclic extremes of serious mental illness, and phobic patterns to flee rather than seriously work on issues in counseling. Sad, really.

        Maybe this discussion will prod Tracey to take down some of her fake documents, as she’s reportedly done when pressured by the Star Trek and IMDB folks. Maybe it’ll help admins of other sites, or potential targets of business frauds, sort out facts from fiction, or raise red flags sooner rather than later. While I have no similar knowledge of Tim, some of the stuff on him smells of her hand gone wild. Maybe some counselors will even notice, and think about how the common social work model of competency really doesn’t work well, when it fails to consider civil rights issues (and dangerous psychopaths as corporate or government “leaders”, not the case here), or illness triggers incredulous forms of crimes and frauds with many small incidents over years. It sounds pretty certain that Tim and/or Tracey are reading, and might as well just try to come clean rather than make false attacks.

  20. JGing says:

    A Marine pilot now? The pics don’t match but the names do.

  21. uwss says:

    Wow!! Is about all I can say to that comment Loki! Tim posted to a sci-fi forum that I found him on :Tim was talking about a film that was in the works. I made a post to Tim; Tim did respond about a business dealing he had with a guy for production of a film that went bad which that forced him into hiding. ( My thoughts are WTF?; Tim is a martial artist, a self proclaimed body guard, a Navy SEAL and he is afraid of some guy) I then posted about Tim owing me money; This forum was abuzz regarding Tim and Tracey and what I had posted about Tim owing me money. I was promptly banned from the site. My posts and comments were deleted. See below:

    Starfighters: The Praetorian Issue. – Upcoming Movies Forums
    On the last day of the 2006 Denver Starfest, we got a chance to sit down with Tim Raynor and Tracy Kimball creators of Starfighters: The Praetorian Issue.

    As I have stated; All Tim has to do is post a picture of his DD214 which will clearly show his military record.

    I see he has a Twitter and Facebook account but the pictures have not been updated in quite awhile.

    I will post a picture of the judgment that was rendered against Tim Raynor here in Dallas, Texas. I will go to records this week and get the judgment.

    I first regained contacted with Tim back in the 80s when I was up late one night watching a slasher film; This film was named Final Exam; I could tell by the way he moved that this was Tim Raynor; I waited for the credits and sure enough he was listed as the killer. I called Tim and talked to him briefly; he did state that he was making tons of money. He did tell me he was working as a body guard overseas for a Shiehk. When I called him a woman would answer and tell me he was out of the country. I have NO idea if any of this is true or false.

    I was emailed by a potential client about 6 years ago regarding Tim and his claim to be a Navy Seal; I told him if he was a real Navy Seal, that would be on his DD 214 that was issued to Tim upon his discharge from the Navy. I have made several comments and posts to any sites Tim visits and belongs to exposing him as a fraud. This is why I was contacted; they were challenging his credentials and were doing a background check on his claims.

    I will post the judgment as soon as I get it: Tim if you are monitoring this site, YOU should pay up!!!

  22. RetroGlider says:

    I almost did business with Tim. I found this site during my due diligence. Thank you for your efforts. You saved me from wasting time and money.

    Here is his facebook:

    And you’re right. Tracey/Tracee whatever is nuts and deserves to be pitied.

    • uwss says:

      I tried the Facebook link but all I get is this page is no longer available.

      • uwss says:

        I reported him to the Seal community as not being a Real Seal. He was only a cooks helper on the USS Lafayette. Its a huge stretch to go from cooks helper to an elite Seal operator though. Stolen Valor is a big deal and he should be ashamed but I doubt that he is.

  23. RetroGlider says:

    Also, thank you for serving our country.

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