No Seal Team Member

Tim Raynor has been claiming he was a former US Navy Seal Team member.  This is not true.  Tim Raynor was a cooks helper on board a nuclear submarine.   

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6 Responses to No Seal Team Member

  1. Mr. Anderson says:

    I studied kempo under Mr. Raynor for a couple years back in the early 90’s. Yes he would tell us all about how he was a Navy S.E.A.L. I was only 18 and believed every word. I would like to thank him for the martial arts training though. What i learned in his class saved me a few times from being beaten half to death. To this day i still can execute certain blocks and strikes without hesitation due to repeating the basics over and over again in his class. Tim, if the authorities are really looking for you then just turn yourself in man. Never too late to turn over a new leaf.

  2. Loki says:

    Is that the Raynor who Tracey Kimball aka Chelsea Bond aka about 40 other names allegedly married?

    If so, sounds like a perfect match. She’s 16 years younger than him, and has a serious case of MPD/DID, and a history of making up people and events when convenient. Anyone overly sane would tend to not have a high tolerance for her.

    Tracey has had a history of police incidents in at least 4 CT towns in the 1990’s, ER psych admissions in CT, FL, and likely more, and might well make up “uncredited” TV and movie roles for others to prop up her own delusions. She’s also known for a wide range of business frauds. Acting, whether radio, dinner theater, or video, is unhealthy for her, as it normalizes fabricated identities and helps to evade needed medical treatment.

  3. uwss says:

    What I find really interesting is the fact that he is always in hiding and never stays put in one location. You would think that he would want stability so he could actually make a name for himself and earn a reputation as a martial artist. His time has gone and past.

    • Loki says:

      I don’t know Raynor, but I’ve had to clean up around some of the messes Kimball has left in her wake, where she had 7-10 residences over just a few years, filed what were likely both true and false rape charges (where she likely encouraged a co-worker at a telemarketing scam operation but in a mental state unable to give valid consent, and fled 1,000 miles away when the police incident, one of 10 or more over that period, resulted in a referral for counseling that included MPD as an issue), and have been shown some of her ER psych admission (w/ negative drug tests, one time found wandering around at night unable to identify who she was or that she lived just a mile away to the police) records (not in circumstances where I have any HIPAA duties). She probably can use a daddy figure to replace her Fairfield, CT cop adoptive father (long since retired to Cape Cod, likely dead by now), and oppressive religious mother (where MPD is sometimes a response to child abuse). She’s the kind of person with strong creative drive, but inability to function seriously, where public warnings to future victims are a public service more than an invasion of privacy.

      I stumbled across “their” (obviously hacked together by her) “movie project” site, with a DNS to someone else’s house and assembled with crappy free web site builder tools, and showed it to a friend who used to work with her. His first observation was to notice the facial tic in Raynor, and ask if he’d had a serious stroke, in one of the series of supposed movie project interviews done far from professionally for anyone capable of the alleged project.

      Maybe they’re in more of a mutual caregiver situation than an adult marriage, if he’s got a physically damaged brain, and she’s prone to fabricating business and personal stories to mask her own psych delusions and history of evading treatment. She’s been known to fabricate fake business deal contracts, and shreds of truth like papers from past delusion based police incidents to pretend she’s a victim in (her own) new scams. Her “movie” site has graphics from a free design your own t-shirt online company, and her music bio page cobbles together songs she’s recorded informally with friends, along with graphics and audio stolen from people she’s never met (some dating back 30 years, uploaded from cassette tapes). At least some of the listed characters in the movie project site are plays on real names of people she’s caused problems more than a decade ago, who have no involvement in acting or the film industry (and who I know personally). I’d bet that if the real actors she claims are part of that project lawyered up, they’d find she’s worthless as a civil damages defendant, but that there are likely enough cases of commercial fraud and identity theft to lock her away, alternately behind bars or rubber room. If one notices the supposed model or acting or musician pictures she’s posted on various sites, and IMDB and Wikipedia entries for herself and Raynor, it’s clear from faces and tits (her real ones are smaller than some 12 year olds) a fair number of those images are identity thefts, where she has been found in the past to literally clip pictures out of magazines and photograph pages where she’s glued stick pasted them on other stuff she made up. While her use of various names and dates of birth (mostly in June of 1965 or 1966, various days and combinations) have been part of frauds to obtain apartments or phone or electric services, involvement in media roles where stage or air names are normal is unhealthy when it aggravates MPD/DID and is part of evading rather than seeking professional treatment.

      If Raynor is a stroke victim who needs some degree of low stress stability, as video of him suggests, that kind of chaos and fabricated pseudo-reality around Kimball can’t be healthy for him (nor anyone else), but it could explain how he’d be susceptible to her style of making up stories that fill in missing pieces from dead brain tissue. Just don’t expect the recreated fragments to all reflect factual reality, even if some are loosely based on it.

      • Anthony says:

        All very true, they stole money from me in nc, tracked them to cali and got most of money back luckily. They are con artists. Any word if they’re scams have caught up with them?

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