I choose to warn others of the dishonesty of the martial artist known as Timothy L. Raynor.  I met Tim in Charleston, S.C. in 1970.  Tim and I worked out religiously at Master Albert C. Church’s dojo in Charleston, S.C. .  Over the years, I lost track of Tim and was surprised when out of the blue he called asking for help.  I helped Tim move from Illinois to Texas with no reservations.  I gave him a truck to drive, put him up in my house, fed him and gave him a job.  He decided to move to California and wanted to borrow money.  I had no idea that his intentions were to scam me out of the money.

I emailed Tim demanding payment for the loan.  Tim assured me he would pay me.  Now folks this is years later.  Months went by and no money.  I saw that he had been on a sci-fi blog and posted a message about him owing me money.  This made the baby mad and he emailed me to tell me I was no longer his friend .

I was also very curious as to why this guy is now 65 years old had no assets.  Tim hid from society.  Why ?  I believe he has screwed so many people that have helped him that he has to hide.

I took Tim to small claims court in Texas and won a judgment against Tim in 2015.

Tim was a good martial artist but a terrible human being.


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