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No Seal Team Member

Tim Raynor has been claiming he was a former US Navy Seal Team member.  This is not true.  Tim Raynor was a cooks helper on board a nuclear submarine.    Advertisements

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re: Shihan Tim Raynor

Tim why do you hide ?  Why do scam people out of money ?  Do you know what a job is ? Are you too lazy to work ?  What happened to you ?  Mr. Church would be rolling over … Continue reading

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re: Shihan Raynor

Finally got the ass served; probably won’t show up for court since he as alleged warrants out for his arrest. I hope he does so he can sit in jail

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Shihan Timothy L Raynor born March 15, 1950

Shihan Tim Raynor, once called me and begged me to help him. He lived in Rockford, ILL.; I agreed to help him. Biggest mistake of my life. Since, Tim and I were martial artists and worked out with our Sensei … Continue reading

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